Established. Experienced. Enduring

Phillips & Jordan Environmental Services, LLC (PJE) is a disaster response specialist built on decades of experience. The Phillips & Jordan (P&J) legacy brand has been responding to major disaster events, since the late 1980s, including Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Super Tornado Outbreak, and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.

In 2023, PJE was formed to bring a laser focus to our disaster recovery efforts for our clients. Our highly experienced team is bringing P&J’s heavy civil construction knowledge, resources, and experience into a holistic approach to emergency management, from Preparedness to Response, Recovery, and Mitigation. By looking at the entire picture, the PJE team is committed to helping communities move forward more resiliently by helping them prepare and recover from emergencies.

Innovative solutions built
on a proven legacy.

Disaster Response Services present a unique challenge in the
construction industry, with massive projects appearing almost overnight.

The PJE team has been providing these services as part of the Phillips
family of companies for decades, so we understand these challenges
and are prepared to meet them.


Our Disaster Response & Recovery and Debris Management Services include:

  • Disaster Debris Collection, Reduction, & Disposal
  • Hazardous Tree, Limb, & Stump Removal
  • Damaged Vehicle / Vessel Removal
  • Waterway / Marine Disaster Debris Removal
  • Coastal & Waterway Restoration
  • Disaster-Damaged Structure Demolition
  • Private Property Debris Removal & Right-of-Entry Programs
  • Specialty Disaster-Related Debris Removal & Processing
  • Disaster-Related Hazardous Materials Management
  • Debris Management Site Identification & Management
  • Automated Debris Management System (ADMS) Availability
  • Temporary Office & Housing Preparation & Installation
  • Recycling of Beneficial End-Use Products
  • Disaster Grant Reimbursement Documentation

Our Work

PJE is built on decades of disaster experience throughout the country, ranging from all types of storms, to man-made disasters.

Current / Recent

Our Values

In a community’s time of need, values are just as essential as services. PJE is committed to showing up for our clients and employees to help the return to normal run smoothly, and our core values of Integrity, Safety, Quality, and Production guide everything we do on and off the job site. Integrity is the foundation of working safe, working well, and producing results for communities to come back stronger.


Ethical Conduct. Always.

We understand that clients choose contractors they trust. We build trust the old-fashioned way – by earning it. Every day, year after year, on every job. We empower our employees to conduct business honestly and ethically, ensuring that our clients receive the best that we have to offer.



People First.

As a People First company guided by a commitment to care, Safety is a shared value at PJE. We hold it as an imperative above all other objectives because a safe workplace and workforce is the only acceptable way to do business – and the only way to take care of the community, the people, and the environment.



Exceed Client Expectations.

PJE is founded on determination, a strong work ethic, and pride in jobs done well. We’ve built a reputation for taking on challenging projects in extreme environments while producing the highest quality of work.



Hard Work, Innovation, & a Commitment to Timely Delivery.

The PJE team thrives on hard work and innovation, consistently delivering complex projects on time. With our skilled project management, field teams, and extensive equipment fleet, we manage aggressive schedules without sacrificing our integrity, safety, or quality values, even in challenging terrains and remote locations.


Helping Communities Recover

PJE is standing by with industry-leading, disaster and emergency preparedness experience to help communities
across the country recover when needed.