PJE is a specialized disaster services team dedicated to the complex work of debris management, as well as
preventative and restorative initiatives.

Our Services

Disaster Debris Management

Disaster debris management is at the heart of what we do at PJE. In the aftermath of a crisis, our team is ready to help communities recover quickly by removing and disposing of debris. We’re experienced with both natural and man-made disasters, across all types of terrain and weather, so we can help communities return to normal sooner.

  • Tornado
  • Fire
  • Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Oil Spill
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attack
  • Marine Services
  • Support Services – Lodging, Catering, Fuel, Etc.

Shoreline restoration

Hurricane seasons can take a toll on our beaches. Erosion caused by high winds and rough waters can shrink valuable shoreline, placing coastal towns and ecosystems in more dangerous positions when the next year comes around. PJE offers beach renourishment and restoration services to haul and place sand on affected shorelines, preparing for the seasons to come.

Pre-Event Services & Training

Effective response requires active planning. PJE provides a number of services from the moment of award to ensure that any activation will be successful. We work directly with municipalities to participate in directed disaster recovery planning, training, or exercises annually and offer our own training to your emergency response team regarding current federal, state, and local guidelines and regulations.

As a designated debris removal contractor, PJE takes your recovery seriously, and we’ll set you up for success with FEMA reimbursement, on top of timely debris management services.

Hazardous tree removal

Separate from disaster debris, hazardous tree removal is an important part of preventative measures. Tree limbs and vegetation too close to important structures or power lines can make turn even small storms into a disaster for local communities. This is what makes year-round maintenance so important.

PJE crews are experienced removing and felling hazardous tree limbs through a variety of methods, and we’re ready to help you mitigate risks now.

Innovative Project

Our technology partners work with us to deploy tailored reporting systems to make auditing and quality assurance easier.


Our legacy company P&J continues to operate year-round on construction, vegetation management, and hazardous tree removal services for regulated utilities. For more information on these services, visit their website.

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Heavy Civil

Our legacy company P&J continues to build, repair, and maintain critical infrastructure on heavy civil construction projects year-round. For more information on these services, visit their website.

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