Virginia Winter Ice Storm Recovery

Client: Richmond District, Virginia

Service: Disaster Debris


Richmond District, Virginia

PJE Role

Prime Disaster Debris Removal Contractor

Date Completed

July 2021

Project description

The Richmond District of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), which serves 14 counties, activated P&J following an ice storm early in February of 2021. P&J teamed with TetraTech to assist VDOT with the preliminary damage assessment throughout the District. The majority of the damage affected five of the District’s counties. A secondary storm hit this area again less than a week after the initial purchase order was issued. 

PJE's Contribution

Six (6) DMSs were identified, permitted, prepared, and operated by P&J after the owner-identified sites were determined inoperable. Collection of the 124,577 hazard items began five-days after the second ice storm strike, and loading and hauling of the 416,000 CY of vegetative debris began the following week.

At the peak of operations P&J had 150 active vehicles, with more than 225 registered during the project’s duration. More than 110 crews were split between 85 bucket trucks and 35 haul trucks.

Project Highlights



Hazard Items

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