Hurricane Ian

Client: Multiple Clients, Florida

Service: Disaster Debris Removal


Southwest, Central and Eastern Florida

PJE Role

Prime Disaster Debris Removal Contractor

Date Completed

January 2023

Project description

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall near Cayo Costa Island, Florida as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of over 155 mph. The P&J management team deployed immediately to the affect area to aid our existing pre-event clients. The team utilized our office in San Antonio, FL just outside the Tampa area. Having ongoing projects throughout the State, we were able to pull personnel and equipment quickly to start the emergency road clearance operation. Once complete with the road clearance operation, the team started the debris removal process. Over the next few days, the P&J team mobilized over a hundred crews and trucks spread out from coast to coast across Florida. Overall, P&J set up and maintained 14 Debris Management Sites to process over 1.4 million cubic yards of debris and cut over 28,000 hazardous trees and limbs.

PJE's Contribution

P&J was the Prime Contractor responsible for the removal, reduction and disposal of debris generated by Hurricane Ian utilizing both in-house crews and subcontractors. This included cutting all leaners, hangers and hazardous trees, and debris was reduced by both grinding and burning. P&J targets a minimum of 30% self-performance, with 100% of project management performed by full time P&J employees.

Project Highlights

Approx. CY of debris removed, hauled, and ground


Additional CY of debris hauled without reduction

Challenges & Solutions

A few of the clients were in very rural areas making it difficult for monitoring companies to hire locals to participate in the operation. Due to the limited availability of monitors, the P&J management team created pinch points in larger neighborhoods to allow us to continue increasing forces to remove more debris faster without putting additional strain on the monitoring firms limited amount of field personnel.

In areas where debris was limited and subcontractors would struggle to remove enough debris to be profitable, P&J chose to self-perform the work with our own crews involving full-time year-round employees and company owned equipment.

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